About the Project

Armadillo & Co weave aesthetics and ethics into every part of their business. As like-minded makers who place importance on sustainability, quality and craftsmanship, we were delighted to design and build a few signature pieces for their Brisbane showroom.

‍The Showroom

The Armadillo & Co showroom is a serene, minimal space with beautiful detailing. To provide a place for consultants to chat with clients, we designed and built a ten-seater meeting table out of solid White American Oak.
Armadillo showroom Brisbane.
Detail view of 10-seater meeting table.
Perfectly proportioned with a generous surface and pared back design

Product Display

The second piece we delivered was a rug bed. Made from matching White American Oak, it’s a fitting canvas for Armadillo’s collection, with the light, natural palette of the timber calling focus to the rugs’ rich textures, natural fibres and intricate patterns.

Armadillo Rug bed in White American Oak.
Detail view of custom Rug bed.

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